Independent Monitoring
Using the powerful Adaptive runtime control engine, the Cerberus independent monitoring system is designed for installation on medical sterilization and disinfection equipment. Whether it be monitoring to meet legislation or used as a tool for collecting usage data Cerberus captures process variables and stores them as history files. As a cost effective and user friendly alternative to paper and electronic chart recorders Cerberus offers full networking and remote access capabilities and can be easily integrated with hospital tracking systems.

Developed in conjunction with medical equipment suppliers MMM Medical Limited the Cerberus units can be installed on various machine types and manufacturers. We offer various hardware configurations to suit all requirements and budgets. The clear and easy to use graphical interface is equipped with a PLC for data collection from each machine. Independent electrical signals are taken from critical sensors and cycle information is automatically retrieved from the machines database.


Cycle Prints to A4, Label or PDF

Cycle History Viewing

Easy Calibration and Validation

Partnering MMM Medical