The Dyeing and Finishing sector of the Textiles industry is well-served by Adaptive personnel and products. Long, in-depth experience of Textile factories means that Adaptive have automated numerous makes and types of dyeing machines, ranging from simple time temperature control to the latest hi-spec Jet, Package and Beam equipment.

As UK Managing Director, Richard Armitage, comments: “In recent years, we have found that the flexibility of PC-based controllers has allowed us to help customers in other parts of their dyeing and finishing plant as well, including stenter frames and dryers. Our non-proprietary approach means that all this equipment can be monitored from a simple web-browser on the company network, while sophisticated integration and automation is going on in the background.”


We offer many levels of automation, from simple time/temperature control to fully automated machinery.

Having worked with all of the major machinery manufacturers we are able to offer cost effective upgrades to your existing installation.


With Adaptive technology you can run and coordinate multiple machines from one control system.Run the machines separately or in multiple combinations for maximum production flexibility.

Smart-coupling and joint-scheduling are standard features on these controllers, making it simple for supervisors and operators to run whatever batch sizes are needed.

Multi-machine can also be used with laboratory machines to help bring down the unit cost while keeping all the features of a dedicated system.


With tenter frames being important and expensive machines we believe it is important to know exactly what is happening with the process.

We offer low cost ‘add on‘ monitoring systems to enable you to record essential variables.

This allows us to generate alarms and reports for non-conformance and traceability.


Our widely emulated Plant Explorer central control system sets the standard around the world for powerful features and ease of use. Plant Explorer pulls together the control and monitoring information from all around your factory, and stores it in a standard Microsoft SQL Server database.

Also featuring simple but powerful data display screens, Plant Explorer often uses graphics rather than text to present factory information and reports in an easy to understand way.

Compatible with multiple brands of controllers, this is our flagship product and has more features than we can list here – so ask for a demo!


Using our lower cost model EPC we also offer control systems for automating laboratory dyeing equipment.

The EPC unit offers touch screen control and is fully compatible with our central system Plant Explorer.


Easily create recipes for your dyeing process.

Complete records for suppliers, customers, cost, usage and stock control.

Integrates seamlessly with Adaptive Plant Explorer or your company ERP/MRP system.


The Adaptive chemical dispenser is an accurate, simple to maintain and powerful dispensing system which eliminates handling of chemicals and operator weighing errors.

The system uses simple three-way stainless steel dispense valves, mounted in multiple manifolds to separate incompatible chemicals, a highly accurate coriolis mass flow meter and the latest PC based control technology.

The system is supplied complete unit with the dispense manifolds, dispense valves and control system fully assembled, tested and calibrated.


The Adaptive check weigh system is a simple to use, flexible and powerful weighing system that carefully steps an operator through the entire weighing process and eliminates errors due human errors .

The system connects to one or more balances and verifies the weight of each product before allowing the operator to proceed. The time and actual weight of each product is recorded to maintain an accurate account of every weigh.

A barcode reader can be connected to the system to automatically retrieve information from a lot ticket and to verify product selection prior to each weighing.


Using low cost non-proprietary data logging devices connected to the powerful Plant Explorer central system we are able to schedule, visualise and report on your production data.


Seam Detection
Magnetic seam detection for rope dyeing machines (24vdc PNP Output)

Analogue Level
Hydrostatic level transducer for atmospheric tanks (4-20mA) (1, 2 and 3 metre options)

Temperature Probes
Resistance Probe PT100

Steam Valves
A range of steam valves are stocked from DN15 to DN80

Angle Seat Valves
Fully stainless steel angle seat valves are stocked from DN15 to DN50

Tank fabrication
We have a range of new and second hand tanks in stainless steel